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Do You Really Need a Marketing Strategy?

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

One of the biggest mistakes I see businesses making is not having a solid marketing strategy. Consistent marketing results don’t happen by chance.

Here’s why you need one:

1. A Marketing Strategy sets a solid foundation for your business. It helps you to be clear on who your audience is; their needs and how you will reach them with a message.

Here's an example: Think about Paracetamol. There are so many different varieties with different target markets and points of difference…essentially with exactly the same ingredient!

One claims to work faster, and is more expensive, for busy mums on the go;

one is in liquid form and is aimed at children (has a cute bear on the packaging) and so on

· A strategy helps you to create a niche audience and will set you apart from other businesses. It will help you to be better, different and/or unique from your competitors.

· When you know who your audience is, it will help you create content they actually want and need. I often see businesses sharing their product or service and it’s evident they aren’t quite sure who they are speaking to, or they are trying to speak to everyone. A strategy will help identify your audience and their unique set of characteristics. And you will be able to create the right content.

· It helps you and your staff know where they are going.

· So you don’t get caught up in the latest marketing trend. It helps you choose the platforms and tactics that are right for your business.

· Saves you time, energy and money! Speaking to everyone and trying to reach everyone would be time-consuming and not to mention expensive. In contrast, finding your niche audience and speaking directly to them is so much more effective! You can’t appeal to everyone – buyers are too varied, too scattered and too varied in their needs to try and get everyone to like you.

· Saves you from overwhelm! It’s easy to become overwhelmed with new marketing techniques and platforms, however, if you have a marketing strategy as your foundation, this will help you know which tactic is right for your business.

· The more clear you are on your audience and strategy, the more opportunities you will have to sell!

If you don't already have a strategy, it's never too late to write one! Sometimes it can actually be easier to write when you already have clients and customers because you can use the knowledge you already have! Grab out that notebook and start jotting down some ideas for your strategy, then have a shot at writing one. Remember, a strategy is a moving beast and doesn’t have to be set in concrete…just have a go!

Do you need help with the specifics of what to put in your strategy?

If so let me know, I can create a post on what to include.

Love, Jamie xo

Jamie is the Director of Bedford Avenue Marketing. For the latest marketing advice, tips and tricks, subscribe to the Bedford Avenue Marketing list or follow along on Insta:

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