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Is Your Instagram Relationship a Two-Way Street?

Do you feel like managing your Instagram is taking up too much of your time…this is just for you! Firstly, I am not doubting you can get some seriously great results from the Insta, but you need to make sure YOU are getting a great return on your time investment; your relationship.

Just yesterday, I spent five minutes updating my Linkedin profile, and in a few hours, I was flooded with direct messages (somehow, I'd blocked people from being able to post a public comment...please let me know if you know how to change this!).

If you’re trying to reach businesses (B2B marketing) like me, then it makes sense to be promoting on Linkedin!

Other examples I hear you ask? How about good old, Public Relations. Why not throw a party and tell your local newspaper about it for some promotion? The promotion you might get is worth way more than any paid ad! And then there’s building your own email list so you're not a slave to algorithms and the latest social media trend.

Is it worth spending one whole day learning the lyrics to Britany's "I'm a Slave", learning sweet dance moves and editing a video? Versus spending five minutes updating my LinkedIn profile? Well, the latter is definitely not as fun.

All the best with your marketing efforts! Now go, log out of Instagram, update your Linkedin profile and enjoy a vino.

Love, Jamie

Jamie is the Director of Bedford Avenue Marketing. For the latest marketing advice, tips and tricks, subscribe to the Bedford Avenue Marketing list or follow along on Insta:

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