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Hello World!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

I’m Jamie.

I've just launched Bedford Avenue Marketing to assist businesses with creating profitable marketing. I'm so passionate about helping business owners with their marketing to help them grow their business. I would be honoured to help you too.

I know you've got the goods (the product; the service)…and I have the goods to assist you in reaching your ultimate customer.

I love working with businesses (both new and established) to get their message out.

I can help point you in the right direction. Think of me as the Gordon Ramsay of marketing. I will share my unapologetically honest advice on how you could adapt or implement marketing tactics to benefit your business and therefore, your life. (All with a lot less swearing than Gordon Ramsay).

Simply put, I can help you get your message out into the big wide world and into the right hands.

My philosophy is marketing is at least half the battle. I see so many businesses who have a brilliant offering, yet they don’t invest anything into marketing. Sadly, they either fail or they don’t reach their full potential. All they needed to do was to implement a few marketing tactics or tweak the marketing they already had in place.

Recently, I visited a cafe that had been opened for over a year. The café had so much going for it: a completely unique theme (so much so, it was a real experience to be there), the food was pretty good and the service on point. It was evident so much heart and soul had gone into making the café a wonderful place to be. The missing piece of the puzzle? No marketing. No online presence and no presence in the community. People just didn't know it existed. Sadly, it closed down, with the vast majority of people in town not knowing about it.

I can’t help myself. I will go out for dinner and my brain is ticking through everything the restaurant could be doing to improve, the same is true for all businesses I come across: my accountant, my kids’ daycare centre, my doctor’s surgery…you name it. While it’s not generally socially acceptable to tell a stranger how they could improve their business, I often find myself saying “I have an idea for you” once I have built up rapport and then spending a good ten minutes verbally giving a small business owner a mini marketing strategy.

My passion and mission is others; to help others succeed in doing what they love. What I love coaching people on all things marketing and seeing them succeed. It’s what drives me.

I’m a creative problem solver; a seasoned marketer. I love to use my skills to point you in the right direction when it comes to marketing.

You’ve got the goods and I’ve got the goods to get the goods into the hands of the right people.

I am sure you are brilliant in whatever your offering is. My hope is I can help you navigate all of the different marketing options out there, choose what's right for you to reach your ideal customer.

Do you have a marketing conundrum you need help with?! Please sing out!

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