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What We Offer

Bedford Avenue Marketing specialises in setting up your marketing with strategies, plans and systems. What we offer enables you to expand your marketing, maximises the return on your marketing investments and, helps you achieve your marketing objectives.

Marketing trends come and go, (looking at you TikTok & Reels...) however what we focus on, is about creating a solid foundation on which to base your marketing. This is your tailored roadmap!

We use a mix of all aspects of marketing; both traditional and digital (Public Relations, Direct, Digital and Advertising).

Our approach to marketing is to first generate compelling organic content (free) to connect with your target audience. Once we have the organic part sorted, we can provide recommendations on how to compliment this with a paid advertising campaign.

We are part Gordon Ramsay, Marie Kondo and Mary Poppins. (Super weird hybrid, but hear us out).

The Gordon Ramsay part reviews what you’re currently doing in regard to your marketing. We provide recommendations on what is working well and what could be improved. We take your limitations into consideration before developing marketing strategies. We promise to operate with a smidge more tact and less swearing than Ramsay.

The Marie Kondo part creates strategies, plans and systems for your marketing. We will take stock of everything you’re already doing. We’ll fold it neatly, put it into cute storage containers and organise the heck out of it. Once sorted, we will hand it back over to you run in-house (and will encourage you to hand this over to someone at an assistant level).

We Mary Poppinise our processes: we throw in ideas, sprinkle with recommendations, provide support and have fun along the way (we really do have subcontractors who can adapt your plans into a musical).

You've got the goods (the product or the service) and Bedford Avenue Marketing has the skills to help you land your message into the right hands.

Please contact me for more info, even if you aren't sure what you need, I can help!

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Business Copy

Business, Web Copy & Media Releases written for you.

For most businesses, writing about themselves is where life gets hard. Let Bedford Avenue Marketing create or refresh your copy. We write from a strategic marketing point of view. Your new copy will highlight your point of difference, helping you stand out from your competitors. It's also about taking your offering (product or service) from giving an overview of features, to explaining the benefits! It is also about having copy to compel your customer to action and create a profitable relationship with them. We will do this by explaining how you will serve your clients and ultimately change their life!

These packages include:

  • a 30-minute strategy session to outline your business goals and objectives. 

Identification and recommendation of:

  • Your ideal target audience

  • Objectives

  • Services offered

  • Unique selling point(s)

Long business blurb for web or media release 

(3 - 4 paragraphs) $310 +GST

Short business blurb (1 paragraph) $215 +GST

Facebook Bio (100 characters) $215 +GST

Insta Bio (150 characters) $215 + GST

'Business Blurb Package' (all of the above) - $497 +GST


Marketing Audits

Want to improve your existing marketing efforts?

Think of me as a marketing version of Gordon Ramsay. I'll review your marketing and give you strategic advice, all with a lot less swearing than Ramsay.

Once I review your current marketing plan and give you some advice on how to take your marketing to the next level, in the most efficient way, to reach your ideal clients and grow your business.

This includes a full audit of what you're currently doing in regards to your marketing. A deep analysis on every aspect of your marketing, with recommendations and examples of how to 'up level'. Also includes the top ten tips for your overall marketing.

From $1950

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Marketing Strategies 

I'll cook you up a customer-driven Marketing Strategy and a Plan. Tailored, tactical and simple for you to implement. Perfect for new businesses and businesses looking to grow like bamboo.
This Strategy will act as the foundation for the marketing of your business. It will help take you beyond the selling points of your service, to present your offering as unique, better and/or different. It will help you convey how what you offer, makes your client think/feel and/or behave. This is the base for developing a client-focused, integrated marketing plan that will be the springboard in which you will be able to link your strategy to your plan and will help you reach your client with a message.
From $2,450


Marketing Plans

Do you need a plan for your business? (Of course you do!). Easy to follow and implement.

This section is the ‘How’ of your marketing. This is the roadmap for you to follow, to achieve the objectives outlined in your Marketing Strategy. This explains how you will reach your ideal audience, so you can create profitable relationships in order to grow your business (and achieve the objectives outlined in your Marketing Strategy.

- Marketing Plans (covering tailored tactics for your business to implement)

- Content Plans (incorporating themes and hashtag) so you never have to worry about what to post again!

- Event, PR and Marketing Campaign Plans

From $2450

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Social Media Set Up & Re-fresh

From strategies, scheduling, design,'ll never need to worry about what to post again!
Want a refresh of your social channels? I can review and even put together a month's worth of content for your social channel(s). The idea being, you will be refreshed and inspired to carry with what's been implemented for you. 
Perfect for new businesses wanting a strategist to kick-start their social media presence. Also perfect for businesses wanting a re-fresh of their social channels.
From $2890

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1:1 Consultancy & Ongoing Support

Your go-to marketing strategist! I offer strategic marketing advice and consultancy. 

When you need one-off or ongoing strategic advice this is for you. I can help answer all of your marketing questions, give you fresh ideas, help you drill down on what's working and what could be improved (to save you time and energy!). 

I can also help you set up your marketing, provide advice on creating a marketing strategy, identify your point of difference, help with how to reach your ideal client and so on. 

This is a great option for a business with some resources to work on its own marketing.

Do you have marketing questions? Grab a cuppa (or a wine) and call me!

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Intensive Work

Dream of smashing out your marketing to-do list in a day? Tell me what you've got...

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The Works

Want someone to just 'do it all' and set your marketing up for you? Your marketing, website and branding? Say no more, let us launch your marketing then hand the reins back to you.

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Can We Help You?

0412 953 323                  

Are you ready to set up the foundations of your marketing to see your business flourish? We would love to help! Please leave your details and Jamie will be in touch. From there, you can share more about your business and your goals. We can then put together a tailored Project Proposal for you. 

Thanks for submitting!

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