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Travel Review: Fiji, with Kids

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Thinking about a trip to Fiji with kids?

I’d definitely recommend putting Fiji on your list if you have kids (and even if you haven’t)!

My husband and I have travelled quite a bit. We’ve never had a ‘relax-by-the-pool-drinking-cocktails-and-not-doing-anything’ kind of holiday. Our trips have always been action-packed. We travel to a new place every second day and we pack as much as we can into every day. This kind of relaxed holiday never appealed to us. Until we had kids.

Compared with Fiji, there isn’t a whole heap to do other than activities you can facilitate yourself: swimming, eating, relaxing, playing, canoeing, snorkelling, hiking and so on. Personally, this was part of the appeal. Being able to relax at our resort and not thinking about some great attraction we were missing out on, added to really being able to relax and unwind.

Most of Fiji’s coast is surrounded by a wall a kilometre or two out to sea to protect the island from cyclones and rough weather. This wall made for a calm swimming area, perfect for kids. Where we stayed had a reef, perfect for snorkelling, right off the beach.

We stayed at the Warwick Hotel, however, I have heard most reports offer similar: a pool, beach access, food, drinks, water activities and a kids club. We did opt for an all-inclusive package including food and drinks. I’d definitely recommend this, regular food/drink prices at a resort would really add up quickly!

Most resorts in Fiji are set up with families in mind. Most have kids’ activities and even kids clubs. I saw one resort offered kids dining, where kids could eat together under the supervision of resort nannies. Win! Our resort had kids’ activities from 9 am to 9 pm and a $14FJ per hour nanny service (cheaper after the first hour). In saying that, we were so relaxed, our kids were so happy to be with us at the pool or the beach, we didn’t utilise the additional activities on offer! Maybe next time when our kids are a bit older (they are almost two and almost four).

Fiji Airways was also easy with kids. The seats were wide, the tv screens had a kids movie channel and games. Flight attendants gave out snacks and activities for the kids which kept them occupied. The flight was only about five hours, and direct! Perfect! On the way home our flights were delayed (thanks to C**** and staff shortages). We sprang for lounge passes and were so glad we did. There was a kids room with a TV, excellent toys, activities with triple pained floor to ceiling glass. Perfect for keeping an eye on them while we enjoyed delicious food and cocktails!

The cherry on top of Fiji is the beautiful, accommodating, servant-hearted people who just adore kids. This alone really takes the stress out of travel and worrying about how loudly your child might cry at the dinner table. My almost-two-year-old did test her lungs out and was met with laughs and “she might be an excellent singer!”

Fiji travel is currently being subsidised by the Government and there are some amazing travel deals until November 2022. We paid $4,000 (or should I say, very generous parents paid). Those included flights, transfers, all of our meals, basic drinks (beer, wine, water and soft drink), accommodation, a couple’s massage, glass-bottom boat tour, kids club and water sport activities. It’s too cheap not to if you ask me!

Check out the deals on the Fiji Airways website and Luxury Escapes (this is not a sponsored post, however, I’d be happy if they did sponsor this post!).

I hope this has convinced you to put Fiji on your list!


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