About Bedford Avenue Marketing

Welcome to Bedford Avenue Marketing! We are glad you found us.

To businesses, we can help you set up profitable marketing strategies.

We specialise in setting the right foundations and plans for your Marketing. Hand us the reigns to create a  tailored marketing strategy and plans, so we can hand the reigns back over to you to run and implement (or better yet...to hand to a marketing assistant!).

Our strategies enable you to expand your marketing and maximise the return on your marketing investments.

Marketing trends come and go, (hello TikTok & Reels...) however what we focus on, is creating a solid foundation on which to base your marketing. This is your tailored roadmap!

Our approach to marketing is to start to generate compelling content, with an organic (free!) approach...and to focus on getting this part right and THEN, compliment with a paid advertising campaign.

You've got the goods (the product or the service) and Bedford Avenue Marketing has the skills to help you land your message into the right hands.

Jamie Harcourt founded Bedford Avenue Marketing and offers twenty years of marketing experience. 

She has a deep passion for helping, motivating, and empowering people to reach their goals. She loves to use her marketing skills to see others succeed in their business; in what they are passionate about.

She has a bachelor in Communications, a degree in marketing as well as management from RMIT Melbourne. A continual learner, she's constantly researching and reviewing marketing to keep up to date and on-trend.

Jamie has worked up and around in the corporate marketing world within the private, not-for-profit and government sectors. She is an expert in digital marketing (social media, email, web marketing) as well as traditional practices (advertising, public relations, events, copywriting).

Her experience and dedication led to being a university lecturer, where she teaches, encourages and inspires students in their business and marketing journey. Covid put a 'hold' on lecturing, which gave Jamie the time and space to launch Bedford Avenue Marketing, where she helps businesses grow.

When Jamie isn't marketing, you will find her trawling vintage shops in the hope of the find of the century or travelling to a new place.

Whether you have an established business or are yet to begin, we can help you with your marketing to save you time, energy, and make you a fortune.

We would love to help you with your marketing!

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